September Book Haul

Well, I bought the first books on this months haul on the first of the month, so I can’t even pretend that I tried to limit my book buying. But with so many fantastic books coming out this past month or so, how could I resist! As you’ll see, the books piled up quite quickly … More September Book Haul

August Book Haul

August just flew by. It’s been a pretty busy month, from being on holiday, to catching up on work, to my 24th Birthday. There hasn’t been a lot of down time, and I’ve definitely managed to accumulate quite a few books. My family knows me well, because I got quite a few books as gifts, … More August Book Haul

July Book Haul

I bought myself new books on the very first day of the month, so I can’t even say I tried, this month. I have a problem. I went on holiday towards the end of the month, and not surprisingly I picked up a few books here and there while I was on my travels. Also, … More July Book Haul

June Book Haul

I managed to avoid buying myself books for most of the month, but due to some pretty good luck, that didn’t stop the book mail. To be honest I don’t know why I even try to enforce a book buying ban any more. It only makes not buying books more difficult, and with so many … More June Book Haul

May Book Haul

I bought a few more books than planned this month, but I don’t think I did too badly. Especially since I read more books than normal this month. I will admit that I bought some of these books because I was feeling down, it’s a bad habit, one I need to break, but this month … More May Book Haul