February 2018 TBR

Since I had such a fantastic reading month in January, managing a total of 9 books, I decided to make this months TBR a little ambitious. Why not take advantage of all the motivation that I have right now. Also for the first time in months I’m in to mood to read fantasy again, so … More February 2018 TBR

December TBR

December is a weird month for me, and I don’t know exactly how that will impact on my reading. On the one hand I have time off work for Christmas, so in theory, more time for reading, but I don’t tend to get as much reading done when I’m at home, and there will be … More December TBR

November TBR

Since I did so well with my TBR last month, I’ve decided to do another one. I’m hoping this will help me prioritize my reading, while still allowing for some freedom to pick based on my mood. My aim is to focus on ARCs as much as possible this month, as I’m really hoping to … More November TBR

October TBR

It’s my favourite time of year. I’m loving the autumnal vibes everywhere at the moment, and it’s putting me right in the mood to read all the time. There are so many books that I am really excited to get to in the coming months, I talked about some of them in my Fall TBR … More October TBR