August Book Haul

I was so good this month when it came to book buying, in that I actually didn’t buy any! I’m genuinely quite proud of myself for exhibiting some self-control for once. I still have quite an impressive book haul this month however, because it was my birthday on the twenty-second and my family knows me … More August Book Haul

July Book Haul

This months haul is a little out of control. I knew it would possibly be higher than normal because I always buy books while I’m on holiday, but this time it’s worse because I started panic buying books to take with me, because it felt like a good way to fix my reading slump. It … More July Book Haul

June Book Haul

Okay, so this month I decided to try not to buy myself any books (apart from the ones already coming in subscription boxes), because I know that I’m going on holiday in July, and I always end up buying books while I’m away. I didn’t quite succeed, but I think I still did pretty well, … More June Book Haul

May Book Haul

May was a big month for anticipated releases, so I went into it expecting to acquire a few books, and sure enough I popped in to Waterstones very early in the month, and left with five books. I have no self control when it comes to books, especially just lately. The only plus side to … More May Book Haul

April Book Haul

This month I was kind of low on energy, and apparently it even influenced my book buying. It’s for the best, at least in this respect, because I really should be focusing on the books I already own, before buying even more. Especially after the past couple of months, where the book have just mounted … More April Book Haul

March Book Haul

As much as I tried to control my book buying this month, I did fall into the trap of the buy one, get one half price YA table at Waterstones more than once, and I’m afraid that it was all downhill from there. My only comfort is that I am getting through books a bit … More March Book Haul