December Book Haul

At the beginning of the month I told myself that I would not be buying myself any books for myself under any circumstances, until the new year. I made it a grand total of two weeks before breaking, and buying a book. Still, I’m actually really pleased with with the books I brought in this … More December Book Haul

November Book Haul

I ended up buying quite a few books this month. Most of them, I bought within the first week of the month when I had a lot going on in my life, because I sometimes use shopping as a stress relief technique. Which I’ll be the first to admit is not the best thing. But … More November Book Haul

October Book Haul

How is October over already? Time is literally moving faster that I can keep up to at the moment. Anyway, this months book haul is brought to you by my increasing desperation to find something that will force me to snap out of my reading slump. Every time I think I’m out of it, it … More October Book Haul

August Book Haul

After going a little crazy with my book buying over the past few months, I’ve decided I need to tone down the book buying for a while, for the sake of my bank balance if nothing else. Still August brought me a good number of books, but most of them were birthday gifts. To Be … More August Book Haul

July Book Haul

Okay, so I totally didn’t mean to buy that many books this month. I thought I was doing alright, and I definitely could have easily bought more with all the book shops I visited this month while I was on holiday. Still, clearly I need to work on my self control a bit. As She … More July Book Haul