wp-1477313885345.jpgHi, my name is Laura, I’m a 25-year-old bookworm and proud Ace Hufflepuff from the UK. I mostly read a mixture of YA contemporary, fantasy and science fiction novels, but I do enjoy a change of scenery every now and then, and am always looking to branch out and try different things.

I’ve recently been making an effort to pick up more diverse books, and this has led me to discover so many wonderful stories and authors, and it’s something I continue to be passionate about.

When I’m not at work or reading, I’m either binge watching TV shows, baking, or thinking about books (buying them, taking pictures of them, trying to figure out where to store them).

I can also be found in the following places, feel free to get in touch, I’m a little shy, but I’m always happy to chat about books or other stuff:

Twitter @reading_escape



Instagram: @readingsanctuary

I can also be reached via email here: readingsanctuaryblog@gmail.com

Professional Reader



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