September Book Haul

Well, I bought the first books on this months haul on the first of the month, so I can’t even pretend that I tried to limit my book buying. But with so many fantastic books coming out this past month or so, how could I resist! As you’ll see, the books piled up quite quickly after that. I was in Birmingham for three days at the beginning of the month on a course for work, and there were a lot of book shops on the way, there’s even one in the train station, what chance did I even have? Although I did try to curb the book buying for the last half of the month, in fact I didn’t actually buy any books after the sixth of the month, maybe that makes it worse.

Books I Bought:

Wonder Woman: Warbringer – by Leigh Bardugo

Wonder Woman Warbringer HB

I got the paperback edition with the red stained pages in August’s Illumicrate box, but still, I couldn’t resist the Waterstones exclusive hard cover edition with the signed book-plate. Plus I had a Waterstones gift card from my birthday, so I decided that’s a pretty good reason to treat myself. I still haven’t read this despite my excitement, but I’m hoping to get to it very soon.

The Loneliest Girl In the Universe – by Lauren James

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe.jpg

I’d been excited about this book for a while, so when I saw it on the shelf in Waterstones, I couldn’t resist. I have book buying issues, but I’ve been flying through books more quickly than normal, so I refuse to feel too guilty. Plus I love books that involve space, so this book really appealed to me. I have already read this and totally loved it. It was different from what I was expecting (in a good way), and I honestly didn’t want to put it down from start to finish.

Ms Marvel volume 7: Damage Per Second

Ms Marvel vol 7 - Damage Per Second.jpg

This is one of the few marvel comics that I’m still invested in. I’ve been meaning to pick up this latest volume since it came out, and this was the first time I’ve seen it on the shelf in a shop. I’ve not been reading as many graphic novels lately, but I’m sure I’ll be getting to this soon.

Tower of Dawn – by Sarah J Maas

Tower of Dawn.jpg

So initially I wasn’t sure whether I was going to get this one. I don’t love the series as much as I once did, and I have some mixed feelings about it, but when I saw the book in Waterstones, I couldn’t help myself. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reading this, but I’m not ready to give up on this series just yet. Hopefully I’ll feel better about the series after reading this book.

Indigo Donut  – by Patrice Lawrence

Indigo Donut.jpg

I picked this up on a bit of a whim from the buy on get one half price table at Waterstones while I was in Birmingham at the beginning of the month. It was a lovely surprise to find out that it’s also signed. I’ve heard amazing things about Patrice Lawrence’s writing, so I’m really excited to get to this.

Godsgrave – by Jay Kristoff


I couldn’t resist the Waterstones special edition with the black stained pages, so I used my points to pre-order myself a copy. These books are so beautifully designed, it blows my mind. I found Nevernight a little difficult to get into, so I’m hoping I don’t have the same trouble with this one.

Books I Won:

I was super shocked but ultimately over the moon this month when I won an amazing giveaway on the UK Harper Collins Instagram page. The prize was an astonishing ten books! I’m sure you can understand my extreme excitement about this, especially since several of the books were already high on my wish list!


  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Cinderella
  • Before She Ignites
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
  • You Don’t Know Me But I Know You
  • Daughter of the Burning City
  • Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life
  • Celebrate Everything
  • MakeUp
  • The Big Book of Braiding


Spoiler Warning! Now I know that not everyone will have received their September Fairyloot box yet. Mine only came a few days back, and I know that sometimes they can take a little while to arrive, so please consider this your spoiler warning. I’d hate to ruin it for anyone, I feel like part of the fun is the surprise.

Even the Darkest Stars – by Heather Fawcett

Even the Darkest Stars.jpg

I’ve heard very little about this book, but it seems like I really unique idea, and I’m intrigued by it. It has good ratings so far, so I’m definitely interested in reading it at some point.

So, that was an embarrassing seventeen books that I acquired over one month. I think I need to go on a slight book buying ban to try to balance this lot out. At least for a little while, otherwise I’ll never even get close to getting on top of my massive TBR.

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