Top 5 Wednesday: Hate to Love ships

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June 28th: Hate to Love Ships
— Ask and you may receive. By request, a topic all about your favorite hate to love romances!

Confession time, at first I was going to skip this weeks top five Wednesday topic, but then all these examples kept popping into my head. It turns out I love a good, well written, drawn out hate to love romance. I actually had trouble narrowing down my list to five.

1 – Iseult & Aeduan (Truthwitch)

This is the first pairing that came into my head when I read this topic. If I had to pick my favourite ship from this series, it would be Iseult and Aeduan. Even though they were literally trying to kill each other when they first met, they have an undeniable chemistry. They are such interesting complicated characters, and I love watching their relationship develop and evolve.


2 – Feyre & Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses)

I love how snarky these two were, especially in A Court of Mist and Fury. Feyre saw Rhysand as an enemy at first, their trust slowly builds and I love their back and forth. I’m fairly sure that this will be on quite a few lists this week.

3 – Sydney & Adrian (Bloodlines)

These two made this series for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the plot was good and the I liked the other characters too, but Sydney and Adrian where what made me binge this series. They start out very much at odds, they have completely opposite personalities. Watching them get to know each other and slowly grow to like each other, and become a team, was one of my favourite parts of the series.

4 – Shahrzad & Khalid (The Wrath and the Dawn)

Shahrzad originally plans to kill Khalid, you don’t get more hate to love than that! She has a valid reason to hate him, and she doesn’t make things easy, but I loved seeing the two characters get to know each other, and fall in love.

5 – Nina & Matthias (Six of Crows)

How could I not mention these two. They are natural enemies, and yet they find each other softening to one another. They have to cooperate to survive, and feeling clearly develop from there. I love them, they balance each other out so well, and I love all their snippy comments.


Honourable Mentions

Because there are some ships that I can’t neglect to mention:

  • Dimple & Rishi (When Dimple Met Rishi) – their relationship did not get off to a good start, at first it was very one-sided. I loved seeing their relationship grow and develop as they got to know each other.
  • Noemi & Abel (Defy the Stars) – I adored this book and Noemi and Abel were a big part of that. They started out as enemies, and have to work together. They slowly grow to trust and care for each other. The only reason they don’t make the main list is, their relationship isn’t necessarily romantic. But still, they trust each other completely, and I love it so much.
  • Solara & Doran (Starflight) – I love this book, I love this pairing, and the slow progression from hate to love.
  • Kestrel & Arin (The Winners Trilogy) – I loved how drawn out their relationship was. It’s not the main plot, so much else is going on and getting in the way. There’s a lot of angst, but seeing them get to know and care for each other was wonderful.

So there we have it, I’ve probably forgotten some, I’ve definitely not mentioned all of the ships that I brainstormed, but this post was getting a bit long. What are you’re favourite hate to love ships? Have you got any recommendations for me based on what I’ve listed here? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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