Fairyloot Unboxing – May 2017: Warriors & Legends

It’s that time again, where I’m waiting for a knock at the door, so I can get my hands on the latest Fairyloot box. This month the theme was “Warriors & Legends”, I had guessed what the book was (correctly), but still I was incredibly excited. After an extremely stressful week, this box brightened my mood and definitely did not disappoint. I waited a little while to post this, but if you haven’t received your box yet, be warned, spoiler lie ahead.

As always, this months box was carefully packaged in its iconic black box, and purple packing paper. The first thing you see when you open the lid of the box is the spoiler card, showing the months theme art on the front and detailing the boxes contents on the other side. I personally always wait until after I’ve opened everything to read the card to maintain the mystery, but it’s great to know who is behind the included items.


I immediately noticed two items nestled in the purple paper when I lifted the spoiler card. The first is this is a tin of green tea exclusively in this box from The Tea Leaf Co. It has hints of lychee and jasmine, and is presented in this beautifully designed tin. I’m not really much a drinker of tea (or hot drinks in general), but even so the tin is lovely. The second item is also an exclusive, a cute tin candle from In The Wick Of TimeAccording to the spoiler card two different candles were sent out this month, flame and mist, I got mist and I really like the smell. This item ties into this months book and they were named by the book’s author!

The next item took my breath away. It had been revealed that this months box would include a wooden bookmark from Ink and Wonder, but photographs don’t quite do this justice. It’s so gorgeous, made from sustainably sourced wood, this bookmark has a stunning Lord of the Rings design! The design is so crisp, and the colours pop beautifully. I adore the art style, this would make an awesome tattoo. I should also mention how happy I was to see a Lord of the Rings inspired item, my mum read me the books when I was a child, so they hold a special significance to me, I’ve been meaning to revisit them.


This months box also included socks! You can’t beat a good pair of socks, and these feature an attractive celtic knot design. This is definitely an item that I will be getting use out of. Also in the box is a chapter sampler of Naondel by Maria Turtschaninof, this is the second book of the Red Abbey Chronicles, a series that I’ve been wanting to get into after seeing a number of really positive reviews. I love getting bonus items like this!

One of the items this month was a book! This is not the first time that Fairyloot have included a second book as an item, and I have to say, I think it’s awesome. The book is World Mythology in Bite-sized Chunks by Mark Daniels. I love it, I find mythology so interesting, and this book seems like a good way to find out a little about so many myths from all over the world. I will definitely be going through this book, along with doing my own research. Maybe I’ll take notes using this metallic feather pen from Flora’s Wonder Emporium. The pen itself it a really nice quality and I really like the feather look.

Finally, the book. I was not surprised to open the Fairyloot book pouch to find Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh. This books release has been highly anticipated by many people, and for good reason. I was lucky enough to get approved for an e-arc on Netgalley (full review will be up soon), and I really enjoyed it. I’m already excited for the next book, and I’m so happy to now have a physical copy, so I can reread it before the sequel. Also included is a signed book-plate, a bookmark and a letter from the author (which has stunning art on the reverse side). Also in the book pouch is the monthly Fairyscoop, the reading buddy number, and a bookmark with this months theme art on.


Yet again, I was really happy with this months box. Fairyloot tends to be really inline with my own tastes, I’ve never been disappointed. It’s something I buy to treat myself every month, and I hope to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in Fairyloot, the June boxes are currently sold out, but the July boxes will likely be announced in the beginning of June. I highly recommend signing up to the newsletter and following the social media if you are at all interested. I’ll leave the website below for you. 🙂


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