Top 5 Wednesday – Books that would make good video games

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April 12th: Books That Would Make Good Video Games
–Since I’ve been in video game hell (in a good way) for the past year, this topic is timely. Remember, not all video games are action games! The Sims has proven that 🙂

This is a really interesting topic, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it before. I’m quite picky about the video games I play, because I rarely have the time. I’m a huge fan of the Persona games (I need the new one as soon as possible) and I’ve been enjoying playing Dragon Age Inquisition recently.

1 – The Grisha Trilogy/Six of Crows Duology – By Leigh Bardugo

I thing this would work well with an open world gameplay, as the world is so big, and detailed, and I would definitely like to explore it all. It could work well with custom character creation, and a big cast of characters. The Grisha abilities would also add an interesting dynamic to the gameplay.

2 – Truthwitch/The Witchlands – By Susan Dennard

With all the different factions and the variety of witcheries, there is more than enough to this series for an amazing video game, and only two books are currently out. This would be really good as an RPG with a big open world, I imagine with all the political elements at work, there could be a great element of decisions affecting the story.

3 – The Illuminae Files – By Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

These books are so action packed, I feel like they would translate well in a video game format. There is such an atmosphere and tension to these books, without saying too much more about the plot, I can see several scenes working really well in a video game.

4 – The Mistborn Series – By Brandon Sanderson

The magic system in these books would work incredibly well in a video game, I can already picture it. Either following the heist like storyline of the first book, or set in the steampunk/western era of the Wax and Wayne series, I feel like this would work really well.

5 – Harry Potter – By J.K. Rowling

Last but certainly not least. I know that they made video games based on the movies, what I’m talking about here is a game where you create your own character and attend Hogwarts and get to experience the wizarding world. I mean who isn’t still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts?

This was a little bit more difficult than I first thought, but I would definitely make time to play these books as video games. What do you think? Would you play any of these video games? Are there any books that you think I’ve overlooked. Let me know in the comments.


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