January 2017 Reading Wrap-up

I started the new year feeling excited and inspired to read, and I think that shows in my wrap up this month. There was simply so much that I wanted to read that I found ways to be reading as much as possible. Between physical books, audio books, ebooks and short stories, I was reading as much as possible. I also feel like I was really lucky with my reading this month as I really enjoyed everything I picked up. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going into the year.

Shadows of Self – By Brandon Sanderson


I was a good chunk of the way through this at the end of December, so  I finished it really early in the year. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love the Mistborn series, the books are consistently amazing, and this installment was no exception. The resolution blew me away, it was so intense that I read the last 30% or so in one sitting. Needless to say I gave this book 5 Stars.

All The Birds In The Sky – By Charlie Jane Anders

All the birds in the sky.jpg

This book was incredibly unique, follows two friends, Patricia (a witch) and Laurence (a mad scientist) from their childhood to their parting of ways in middle school, to their adult lives. This book was incredible surreal, set in a world where technology is extremely advanced and magic is real. At first it’s difficult to see where the story was going, but that only made the story more compelling. Unlike anything I’ve encountered before, I’m really glad I picked this up – 4 Stars.

Truthwitch – By Susan Dennard


I received a copy of the paperback for review from the publisher, this has in no way effected my opinion of the book, which I loved. The first book in a series set in a world populated with witches, following four main characters, this book is full of adventure and  action from the very first page. My full review can be found HERE I gave the book 5 Stars.

Dreadnought – By April Daniels


I was lucky enough to get an ARC from NetGalley for this and I loved it, I inhale read it and I can’t wait for the sequel coming later this year. I have a full review HERE, which is basically me gushing about what makes this wonderful book a must read. If you are looking to read more diversely, I highly recommend you pick up this #ownvoices transgender superhero origin story, 5 stars.

A Torch Against the Night – By Sabaa Tahir


This is one of those books that I totally meant to read last year, but didn’t get around to even though I got it as soon as it was released. This picked up right where the last book left off, the stakes were so high, I was instantly absorbed. This book has the same beautiful writing as the first book, and expands on the mythology of the world. My only problem, the wait for the next book, part of me wishes that I’d waited a little longer to pick this up. I gave this book 5 Stars.

The Lightning Thief – By Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1)


I listened to the audio book version of this while I was working, and I really enjoyed it. I first read this years ago, when I was still in high school, but I never finished the series. Happily I enjoyed this as much the second time around and I’m hoping to finally catch up on these books this year. I gave this book 4 Stars.

Ms Marvel Volume 6: Civil War II – By G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona

Ms Marvel vol 6.jpg

Ms Marvel is one of my favourite ongoing comic book series, this latest installment has not changed this fact. Kamala Khan is such a like likable character, and in this volume she has to deal with an ethical quandary related to the Civil War II crossover story arc. While Civil War II was a major crossover event, the story told here is self-contained and requires no further reading to appreciate. I gave this installment 5 Stars.

On top of all the wonderful books I just mentioned, I also read a couple of short stories this month.

Clover – By Charlie Jane Anders


I stumbled upon this quite coincidentally. It’s the first story with in the ‘Some of The Best from Tor.com’ collection, it also happens to be a story set in the world of ‘All the Birds in the Sky’, dealing specifically with what happens to the cat. This was a delightful discovery considering I had just finished the book less than a week ago, and that I had been wondering what became of the cat. This short story was a lovely addition to the book.

The Too-Clever Fox – By Leigh Bardugo


This folk tale serves as a companion to the second book in the grisha trilogy. It can be found on tor.com – I’ve linked it HERE if you’re interested in reading it too. I found it an interesting tale, and it definitely fits the tone of the grisha trilogy, it’s a nice addition and worth a read if you’re a fan of the books.

I hope everyone had a good month, clearly I did at least when it came to reading. Has anyone read any of these books, got any recommendations? Let me know in the comments.


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