Top 5 Wednesday – Misleading Synopses

This post is part of Top 5 Wednesday, created by Lainey , and now hosted by Sam from Thoughtsontomes, you can find the goodreads group, with all the weekly topics here.

This weeks topic is “Most Misleading Synopses” – and a few examples came to mind right away, but I’ve stopped reading too many synopses these days because I don’t like to know that much about a book going in to it.

  1. The Raven Boys – by Maggie Stiefvater
    I nearly didn’t pick up this book because of the synopsis, which makes this book sound like its all about the romance. The focus is on the fact that if Blue kisses her true love he will die, and that she will become entangled with these raven boys. The book is much more about friendships and adventure and the series has become a favourite of mine.
  2. Throne of Glass – by Sarah J. Maas
    The synopsis for Throne of Glass made it sound like the Hunger Games in a fantasy setting, the focus was the trials. I expected this to be the main focus and struggled to see how this could lead to a whole series. The synopsis did not do this book justice, the contest was really more of a background plot which is really just a device to put Celaena where she needs to be to kick off the series.
    Throne of Glass.jpg
  3. Talon – by Julie Kagawa
    The synopsis describes a long conflict between dragons and dragon hunters. That appealed to me, the idea of dragons shifting between dragon and human form was interesting. But this read more like contemporary than a fantasy and there was the makings of a love triangle and little action until the very end of the book. Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to the hype of the synopsis for me.
  4. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – by Michelle Hodkin
    This book sounded dark, eerie and mysterious in the synopsis, that’s what attracted me to this book. To be honest, those elements took a back seat to an insta-love romance which felt all to familiar. I just wasn’t into it, which is a shame because the creepiness and mystery elements where good, there just wasn’t enough of them and the whole thing lift me a little underwhelmed.
  5. Acid – by Emma Pass
    I know I talked about this the other week in my top 5 inaccurate book covers post, but I’m running out of ideas. I was really disappointed by this book, the synopsis promised a gritty, action packed novel with a tough, kick-ass heroine. While Jenna (our main character) starts out a bad ass just trying to survive, she meets a boy and soon all that seems to fall into the back ground. At this point, I’m sick of interesting story aspects taking a back seat to a rushed romance.

So, that’s my list. If you want to discuss any of the books on this list or tell me about books you’ve read with misleading synopses, please feel free to leave a comment.


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