Top 5 Wednesday -Favourite Spooky Settings

This post is part of Top 5 Wednesday, created by Lainey , and now hosted by Sam from Thoughtsontomes, you can find the goodreads group, with all the weekly topics here.

This weeks topic is Top Five Favorite Spooky Settings, and the below is from the goodreads page:
“These can be settings that exist in books or ones you’d like to see in books. Also, if you are like me, you don’t really have to make this about horror or scary settings. You can also use eerie, atmospheric settings. Macabre settings. Eclectic settings. I’m not a scary horror person either, but I do enjoy the latter.”

For this I’m going to talk about spooky, atmospheric settings I enjoy and some examples of where I have seen these settings used really well.

  1. Death
    In particular Death in The Old Kingdom series is very eerie and creepy. The scenes that take place in death always have a tension to them, where you know that there could be dead lurking waiting to attack. Add to that the fact that the river wants to take the characters further into death, and that its easier to go further into death than it is to get back to the living world.
  2. Old Seaside towns
    There are a few examples that pop into my head but most recently, The Graces was set in a old seaside town. Now of course the seaside can be a very bright happy setting, but it can also make for a very atmospheric eerie setting. With the ocean (which is a powerful force in itself) comes creepy mists, fog,and storms, in addition these places can be quite isolated and oven have their own legends and folklore.
  3. Forests
    A forest can make for a creepy setting, the idea of getting lost in the woods is something we learn to fear from an early age. There’s always that feeling that anything could be lurking in the dense trees. The darkest part of the forest that comes to mind for this one although there is some crossover with my next pick.
  4. Henrietta – The Raven Cycle
    Okay, I’m talking about a specific series for this entry because it combines so many smaller elements into one atmospheric setting. We’ve got a small town, cemetery’s, ley lines, a forest, caves and more. The setting is so intricate and unique that it feels like its own character. This series toes the line between eerie atmospheric and creepy.
  5. Old Abandoned Buildings
    There is something incredibly creepy about an old abandoned building. Its a classic for a reason. An while I don’t remember all that much about it, I vividly remember a scene with an abandoned building in  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

That it for this week. Have you read any good atmospheric books with similar settings, if so please feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments, I’m always happy to hear about new books.


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